We don’t need to say much about these cities: Google says everything :D

If you start typing in Google “Albarracin El Pu”…….. SEE what happened ;)

Albarracin: in 2004 Albarracín has won the most beautiful village of Spain by the association “El pueblo mas bonito de España”
It is 180 kms from Valencia. Al most 2 hours from Valencia.

Teruel: Capitol of Aragon State, famous for Mudejar architecture, where Christians and Arabic culture mixed and created an awesome city, Where best buildings made because there were competitions who make best building marry the beautiful girl.

Plan: 9:00, we meet in Plaza Honduras 36, In front of Bigben.

11:00 Arriving to Albarracin,  
Almuerzo (Brunch), this is typical in Spain, without this nobody can move :D

And Freshing up,

12:00 Guided tour by official guide, explaining the city.
14:00: free time in the city,

14:45 Bus to Teruel

Arriving at 15:30, and Lunch, You can have lunch in a restaurant or bring your own lunch.

16:30 the guided tour in Teruel

18:30 some beers or free hang out time in the city.

20:00 taking bus to come back.

22:00 in Valencia,